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Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions Management Course

Updated: May 6

Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions Management Course

Dubai ( 7–8 / 6 / 2023 )

"Female Urinary Incontinence"

Understand the medical, surgical and rehabilitation management of the female urinary incontinence. Implementation of the surgical skills of pelviperineal surgeons (gynecologists, urologists, urogynecologists) in the vaginal approach to the resolution of female urinary incontinence.

Why to take this course:

  • Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a prevalent condition affecting approximately 50% of aged women in the world.

  • Most of Pelvic Floor Disorders are self managed or not treated This approach suggests that a incidence of the pathology is underestimate

  • 50% of women seeking appropriate cares undergo several diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

  • An average of 3 or more different specialist are involved in these pathways following a negative therapeutic response.

  • The timing to assess a correct diagnosis ranging between three and five years

  • Surgical treatments for incorrect diagnosis or improper execution, determine up to 30% a situation comparable or even worsening compared to the period before the surgery and need for a new surgery procedure.

Course Structure:

The course is structured in modules,.

  • learners can choose which module to follow in relation to their learning needs.

  • For each module there will be an in-depth study of general anatomy and specific anatomy

  • The main surgical techniques will be studied regarding the focus of the module

  • The course offers the opportunity to follow theoretical and practical lessons held by expert teachers in the management of female pelviperineal dysfunctions with the help of advanced training tools in the implementation of surgical skills (pelvic trainer, cadaver lab)



Stress urinary incontinence

- History

- Etiopathogenesis of Stress urinary incontinence

-Surgical techniques with more significant statistical value

- Homologous surgical techniques with native tissues

- Prosthetic surgical techniques (Trans Vaginal Tape)

(TVT/TOT/Mini sling)

- Management of complications

- Hands-On Pelvic trainer / Cadaveric Sessions


Overactive Bladder Incontinence

- History

- Etiopathogenesis of Overactive Bladder Incontinence

- Management of Overactive Bladder Incontinence

- Behavioral treatment

- Medical treatment

- Surgical treatment

- Botulinum toxin injections

- Sacral nerve stimulation

- Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation

Second Day afternoon

- Management of Overactive Bladder Incontinence

(Botulinum toxin injection)

- Hands-On Pelvic trainer / Cadaveric Sessions

General information:

  • The programme includes theoretical and practical training.

  • The training will be in English.

  • The price includes transportation between Airport-Hotel .

  • This Training is Hands on Training.

Duration: 2 Days.

Course Date: 7–8 June 2023

Course Venue: Dubai/United Arab Emirates



How To Apply:

- Please send us your CV on our Email:

- Write on the email title : (Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions Management Course).

- Note: You have to send 50% from the fees during the application period to reserve your seat



-If you have any inquiries regarding Fellowships, Medical Courses, Observership, Internship and Elective in Dubai, please contact us through the following Email.

Alsir for Health Services Ltd. Co.

Medical Training in Dubai

+971 561 677 224

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