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Pediatric Surgery Observership Program

Updated: Sep 7

Paediatric Surgery Observership Program

Application is open throughout the year


Paediatric Surgery medical services include but are

not limited to:

  • Neonatal surgery for conditions such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia and gastroschisis (a birth defect hole in the abdominal wall).

  • Emergency procedures for appendix removal, pyloromyotomy for correction of torsion of the testis

  • Common elective procedures such as circumcision, correction of undescended testis, repair of umbilical, hernia, and hydrocoele.

  • Abdominal and thoracic surgery

  • Minimally invasive surgery which is refers to any surgical technique that does not require a large incision. This relatively new approach allows your child to recuperate faster and with less pain. Not all conditions are suitable for minimally invasive surgery. Some surgical techniques that are considered minimally invasive surgery including: Arthroscopy, Bronchoscopy and Gastroscopy

Who is Eligible?

All International Medical Students and Graduates IMGs from any country around the world can apply for this program

General information:

  • The training will be in English.

  • The price includes transportation between Airport-Hotel.

  • The minimum period of the training is 2 weeks and the maximum is 12 weeks

  • Please make sure to apply no less than 4 weeks before the training starting date.

  • We will help you in arranging the visa.

Required Documents for application:

  1. Photo

  2. University Diploma

  3. Speciality Diploma (If available)

  4. Experience Certificate (If Available)

  5. CV

  6. Passport Copy.

Certificate :

By the end of the course you will get a certificate from the host Hospital.


  • 2 Weeks : 900$.

  • 4 Weeks : 1,250$.

  • 12 Weeks : 2,600$.


How To Apply:

  • Please send us the required documents on our Email:

  • Write on the email title : (Clinical Observership program in Paediatric Surgery).

  • Note: You have to send 20% of the fees during the application period to confirm your seat.

  • Within 5 Weeks you will get the acceptance letter.

Alsir for Health Services Ltd. Co.

+971 561 677 224

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