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Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons (FICRS) (India)

Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons (FICRS)

India ( Every Month From 17th to 20th )

The Robotic Surgery course will focus on the challenges unique to working with a robotic surgical set up and system. This course will consist of a hands-on training on the da Vinci surgical Robot in which participants will receive instruction by experts in various robotic surgery techniques and procedures, including foregut, bariatic, renal, colorectal, hepato-biliary, solid-organ, and revisional surgery.

The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with small learning curve using a robotic minimally invasive approach routinely and with confidence; surgeon can perform most of the robotic surgery. The da Vinci Robotic Surgery System retains and builds on the core robotic technology of advanced 3D HD visualization with up to 25x magnification and an immersive view of the operative field with endo wrist instrumentation with dexterity and range of motion far greater than even the human hand. Intuitive Motion da Vinci technology, which replicates the experience of open surgery by preserving natural eye-hand-instrument alignment and intuitive robotic instrument control.

All participants of da Vinci robotic surgery training will be trained in the following:

  • How to do proper operative room setup of da Vinci robot

  • How to do patient preparation and positioning in robotic surgery

  • Fundamentals of da Vinci® Surgical System components and instrumentation

  • Training of intra-corporeal suturing and knot tying by da Vinci robot

  • Learn micro dissection by robotis surgical system

  • Learn "tricks of the trade" tips for efficient robotic surgery

Operative Procedures Covered in Robotic Surgery Training:

For Urologist:

Prostaectomy, Nephrectomy, Partial nephractomy, Pyeloplasty, Cystectomy, Donor nephrectomy, Ureterolithotomy, Pelvic lymphadenectomy, Adrenalectomy, Cystocele repair, Excision of renal cyst, Lymphadenectomy, Testicular resection, Renal cyst decortication, Ureteral transplant, Nephropexy, Ureterectomy, Rectocele repair, Varicocele, Ureteroplasty, Ureteral implantation, Vasovasostomy

For General Surgeon:

Gastric Bypass, Nissen/Toupet Fundoplication, Heller Myotomy, Gastrectomy, Coln Resection, Thyroidectomy, Arteroivenous FistulaS, Pancreatectomy, Adrenalectomy, Hemi-Colectomy, Sigmoidectomy, Splenectomy, Pyloroplasty, Gastroplasty, Appendectomy, Intra-rectal Surgery, Bowel Resection, Lumbar Sympathectomy, Liver Resection, Cholecystectomy, Hernia Repair

For Gynecologist:

Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Sacrocolpopexy, Pelvic lymphadenectomy, Tubal reanastomosis, Vaginal prolapse repair, Dermoid cyst, Endometrial ablation, Oophorocystectomy, Oophorectomy, Ovarian cystectomy, Ovarian transposition, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Colposuspension (Burch), Tubal ligation, Tuboplasty

For Cardiotharacic Surgeon:

Mitral Valve Repair & Replacement, Single Vessel Beating Heart Bypass, Multi-Vessel Beating Heart Bypass, Single Vessel Arrested Bypass, Multi-Vessel Arrested Heart Bypass, IMA Harvesting, Coronary Anastomosis, Atrial Septum Aneurysm, Atrial Septal Defect Repair, Tricuspid Valve Repair, Thrombectomy, Thymectomy, Esophagectomy, Pericardial Window, Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy, Pacemaker Lead Implantation, Mediastinal Resection, Pulmonary Wedge Resection

General information:

Fellowship and Diploma Duration: 4 days Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons

Course Venue: Delhi, India

Cost: 4,300$

How To Apply:

- Please send us your CV on our Email:

- Write on the email title : (Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons (FICRS)).

- Note: You have to send 25% from the fees during the application period to reserve your seat


Note :

-If you have any inquiries regarding Fellowships, Medical Courses, Observership, Internship and Elective, please contact us through the following Email.

Alsir for Health Services Ltd. Co.

Medical Training in Dubai

+971 561 677 224

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